Frequently Asked Questions

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How can Neome save me money?

Neome syncs with your reservation calendars in order to optimize your energy usage with Neome Pro. This means making sure guests don't set the thermostat too high or too low and lowering or shutting off thermostat usage automatically when you don't have guests on your property. Neome can also automatically turn off power to smart outlets outside of reservation times for more energy savings. Also, all other features save you lots of time, and don't forget - time is money!


To get an estimate of how much money you can save monthly with Neome, click here to check out our Energy Bill Savings Calculator.

How much does Neome cost?

Neome Basic is free and includes automated guest and house cleaner communication. Neome Pro, which includes Neome Basic features and Smart Home Integration, costs $12/month. For more pricing information, click here.

Do you have a cost/benefit analysis available?

We have an Energy Bill Savings Calculator which will help you estimate how much money you can save per month with Neome's smart thermostat. Click here to check it out.

How do I receive the 20% discount for more than one property?

Contact us at and we'll provide you with a discount code to use for each property.

How can I get special Neome discounts and promotions?

We're always looking for new ways to make our customers happy. Sign up for our mailing list below to stay updated on our latest promotions.

Check your email for a coupon!

Airbnb + Vrbo

Can Neome connect to booking platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo?

Yes! Currently we use your Airbnb and Vrbo iCal to get your reservation details. To learn more, click here to check out our video on syncing your calendars with Neome.

Smart Home Devices

How does the door code rotation work?

Since Neome is synced with your Airbnb or Vrbo calendar, each guest is emailed a unique code for the smart lock before their reservation which expires after their reservation is over.

What devices do you offer?

We use Samsung SmartThings devices. We currently offer smart locks, a smart thermostat, a motion sensor, an open/close sensor, a water leak sensor, and a smart outlet in our store. All devices require the Samsung Smart Hub in order to work, which is also available in our store.

Do your devices work outside of the US?

Yes! We use Samsung SmartThings devices.

How long will it take for me to receive my devices?

We typically ship devices within a week. We pre-configure your devices to your account before we ship them, so all you'll need to do is plug them in and install them.

How do I connect my devices to my Neome account?

Your devices are shipped already connected to your Neome account. If you already have Samsung SmartThings devices that you'd like to connect yourself, please contact us at

I already have smart devices. Can I connect them to Neome?

As long as your device works with Samsung SmartThings, it will also work with Neome! Contact us at and we'll send you setup instructions.

Is your smart thermostat compatible with my property?

Send us a picture of your current thermostat and model number (if possible) at and we'll let you know!

Are your smart locks compatible with my property?

As long as you have a deadbolt, the locks will work!

House Cleaner Communication

How does Neome communicate with my house cleaner?

We communicate with house cleaners over SMS - they don't need to download an app or make an account! Click here to watch our video on setting up house cleaner communication.

Does my house cleaner need a Neome account?

No, we only communicate with house cleaners over SMS - the don't need to download an app or make an account!

Is this a cleaning service?

Neome is not a cleaning service! We communicate with your house cleaners for you to schedule and confirm cleanings, but we currently do not provide house cleaners.

Have any other questions?

Reach out to us in the chat box and we'll get to you ASAP - if we don't respond, leave your email address. We typically email back within 24 hours!