How Neome Works

Neome automates the management of your Airbnb, Vrbo, or vacation property.

We centralize and automate your reservations, Smart Home controls, guest communication, and house cleaner communication to provide you an easier, low cost experience in a single app. 


Once you set up Neome you'll hardly need to use the Neome app at all - it runs automatically for you.

We know how time-consuming it can be to manage your rental property. We automate the main aspects of your property management to save you time and money and help boost your reviews.

Smart Home Integration with Neome Pro

Neome integrates with industry-leading Smart Home products to make your rental smart and connected.  We automatically rotate door codes, control thermostats, detect open doors and windows, detect water leaks, and more.  

Our smart system understands the activity in your rental based on its schedule and provides you with smart alerts and controls, making your rental more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and secure.


  • Personalized door codes for guests

  • Notify you when guests arrive

  • Notify you when there's motion outside of a reservation

  • Notify you when someone accesses secure areas

  • Set min and max thermostat range for guests

  • Pre-heat or pre-cool property before check-in

  • Auto thermostat shut-off at check-out

  • Detect water leaks

Guest Communication

With Neome you can send personalized messages to your guest throughout their rental experience.  For example, we'll send them a welcome email with their personalized key code and other instructions you may want to add. You can also create your own personalized messages based on a schedule or data from the Smart Home devices. This feature is included in both subscriptions, including our free Neome Basic account.


Automatically sent when the guest first used their door code


Automatically sent at 10am on check-out date.

House Cleaner Communication

Neome automatically notifies your cleaner when you have a new reservation and provides them with a schedule.  Neome will also send reminders the day before a cleaning. Your cleaner can also mark when the cleaning is complete and leave comments about the condition of the property. This feature is included in both subscriptions, including our free Neome Basic account.


  • One-click calendar access for cleaners without the need to download an app

  • Reminder day prior to cleaning

  • Confirm upcoming cleanings and completed cleanings

  • Rate guests cleanliness and leave reviews

  • Create checklist for cleaners

  • Support English and Spanish