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7 Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Airbnb House Cleaners

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

House cleaners are critical to your Airbnb or Vrbo operation. It’s important to have a good relationship with your cleaners to ensure all parties are happy. Here’s what we’ve found helps you get the most out of your relationship with your cleaners.

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1. Give your cleaners visibility to your calendar.

Allowing your cleaners to view your calendar empowers them to optimize their schedule, which means they can be prepared for each cleaning.

Many hosts do not give their cleaners access to their Airbnb account because it has private financial information - that’s understandable. However, there are other ways to share your calendar. For example, Neome only shares general reservation information with your cleaners and not any private information about you or your guests.

2. Automate communication with your cleaners.

Most hosts still use text messaging to communicate with their cleaners. On average, there’s about 5-10 messages going back and forth between a host and their cleaners for each reservation. That can get old and feel never-ending.

Use a tool to allow your cleaners to confirm the cleanings beforehand and remove the need for you to send reminders. Free apps like Neome can send key notifications to your cleaners and reduce manual communication, without requiring your cleaners to sign up for an account or use an app.

3. Create a concise checklist.

Sometimes hosts want their cleaners to focus on some tasks that are easily forgotten, such as checking supplies, checking light bulbs, or cleaning the grill. Using an app that allows you to specify a short list for your cleaners will go a long way.

4. Get feedback after a cleaning.

Often cleaners are rushed to their next job and forget to send you information you need to keep your Airbnb running, such as damage found or a lack of supplies.

When using Neome's free basic account, your cleaners simply confirm when a cleaning is done, rate the condition the guest left the property in, complete a checklist, and write extra comments about damages, supplies, or anything else you might want to know.

5. Communicate with your guests.

Some hosts will wait for their cleaners to accept a cleaning before accepting a new reservation. You may have the urge to respond to your guest immediately but it could take time for your cleaners to confirm.

Simply send a message to your guest stating that you’re waiting to hear back from your cleaners and will let them know if their reservation is accepted ASAP. This will make all parties happy and avoid stressful situations for you and your cleaners.

6. Don’t make it complicated for your cleaners.

Many cleaners are not tech-savvy and the last thing they want to do is use an app or other complicated technology.

With Neome, the host uses an app, but cleaners are only sent text messages. The cleaners simply click on a link and are never required to sign up for an account or download an app. Also, Neome is able to communicate with your cleaners in Spanish or English, making it easier for some cleaners to use.

7. Be kind and take care of your cleaners!

We hope this goes without saying, but your cleaners are very important to your business and are often underappreciated. Treat them well and they’ll take care of your property!

Interested in learning more about Neome? Click here to learn more about how Neome can automate the management of your Airbnb.

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