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Many Airbnb hosts could be at risk of losing it all

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Airbnb has opened up many opportunities for homeowners to earn extra income, and for many, it has become a crucial source of income. Like any job, this can be your livelihood, and yet many hosts are exposed and at risk of losing it all without even realizing it.

Ultimately, you are letting strangers onto your property and there should be some basic security and protections in place.

Do you have adequate insurance?

First, make sure you have insurance. Don’t just rely on the Airbnb and Vrbo coverage; get insurance for the home, but consider umbrella insurance as well to cover you for a broad range of incidents. For example, if someone gets hurt on your property and files a lawsuit against you, are you sufficiently protected?

Is your Airbnb as secure as possible?

Your guests trust that you are providing a safe place for their stay.

Key in lock
When using a physical key, you're at risk of any guest making a copy of your key.

One common issue is with how your home is secured. If you use a key and lock box, you’re at risk of any guest making a copy of your key. All it takes is one incident to create a huge problem, and you’re asking your guest to trust all your prior guests when using a key.

To prevent a prior guest from coming back to your property uninvited, avoid using physical keys that can be copied and avoid reusing a static code on a programmable lock. Instead, use a smart lock system and application like Neome for a secure check-in and check-out experience. For more advice on using smart locks for your Airbnb, click here.

Would you know if you’re being robbed?

Empty Airbnb homes can be targets for intrusions - both from prior guests and strangers. If your property was vandalized and you’re living elsewhere, you may find out too late. Consider adding a motion sensor or smart lock system so you know if someone is there. You can also install cameras, but never point the camera inside the home - it’s an invasion of privacy for your guest. Cameras facing the driveway is a smart approach, but in general we recommend sticking to motion sensors and smart locks so your guests don’t feel watched.

Bottom line, don’t risk it all by taking shortcuts. Take the necessary steps to ensure you and your guests are protected.

Aside from insurance, one of the best ways to do this is by using smart devices like smart locks and motion sensors to provide a safe guest experience and monitor the activity on your property without intruding. With Neome, the door codes on the Airbnb smart lock are automatically rotated and sent out to each guest, and you’re notified whenever there’s activity on your property even when there shouldn’t be.

Interested in learning more about Neome? Click here to learn more about how Neome can automate the management of your Airbnb.

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